Woodland Plant Key
This key is intended to help you to identify plants which grow in forests and woodlands, and those growing along the edge to the woodland path.

The woodland habitat

Woodlands and forests are special habitats for two reasons. One reason is that the trees provide shade and bit of coolness in summer, and their cover also keeps the forest interior a bit warm in the winter. This is even true with deciduous trees which have no leaves in winter, as their leafless twigs and branches provide cover and shelter in winter.

In addition, all the plants in the forests are also constantly evaporating tiny bits of water from their leaves. This makes the forest interior more humid, surrounded as it is by all the layers of trees, shrubs, and smaller plants. Some of the plants in this key will only be able to live in the shadiest of crevices, where sunny days don’t reach in and dry the corners.

Forests are also special because the different layers of trees, shrubs, rocks, trunks and stumps, and the ground, provide so many different types of areas for a variety of plants to live on. Some ferns, for example, only live on branches and stems of trees, so look up to find those ferns.

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