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About this key

This is an interactive key, which will allow you to choose any feature you noticed about the plant and use it to narrow down the possibilities.

The key will help you to identify flowering herbs and shrubs, ferns, and grasses you find in woodlands and forests, including those living under the trees and those living at forest edges.

Please take some photos of the plant to bring home, or make notes to yourself – but please don't pick the flowers! The flowers, leaves, and fruits you are admiring will help maintain the survival of the species, so they should be left to grow and develop in their woodland homes. That way, you and your neighbours can admire them each year. (Even if there seems to be a lot of one flower in a single location, the species could be rare or unusual on a national or international level.)

Woodland walkers might be interested in the ‘Leave No Trace’ ethic.

Once you have your notes and pictures, of that mysterious yellow flower, choose flowers = yellow in the key, and it will narrow down the list of possible species:

yellow flowers
example Lucid screen

Then, choosing other features such as number of petals, month of flowering, whether the plant is creeping or standing upright, and the shape of leaf, will help you narrow down the options.

You could also use this key before you go out on walk - for example, to make a short list of plants likely to be flowering in April, or in September. Or those pink flowers you sometimes see even in January....


The key is written using Lucid software. In order to use the key, you need to have Java Virtual Machine v1.4.2 installed. This can be downloaded from here. (Apple users: download from the Apple website.)


Tell us what works and what can be improved! And thanks for trying out the Bosbeer woodland plant key. Email: sashatrees at hotmail dot com


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